Met Office COVID-19 response dataset

This data is for COVID-19 researchers to explore relationships between COVID-19 and environmental factors. For more information see our blog post. If your require compute resources to process this data we might be able to help.

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Users are required to acknowledge the Met Office as the source of these data by including the following attribution statement in any resulting products, publications or applications:
"Contains Met Office data licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0"

This data is made available under Open Government License.

About the data

Global and high resolution UK numerical weather model output from the UK Met Office. Data is from the very early time steps of the model following data assimilation, as such this data approximates a whole earth observation dataset.

The following variables are available:

Output of the Met Office UK air quality model AQUM is also available. This includes the following variables:

This data is made available as NetCDF files.

Global and UK model data updated is available from 01 Jan 2020 onwards. The dataset is updated daily for the previous day.

For detailed information about how this data is generated and the particulars of the parameters please see the technical references:

There is some additional post processed data aggregations over COVID-19 reporting regions in the UK and USA made available as CSV files. More details below.

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Data volumes, retention, update frequency and location

The gridded data is updated daily for the previous day.

The CSV data is updated on request (when possible), contact if you have a need for this data to be avaliable more frequently.

As of 18/04/20 the dataset totals approximately 352G.

It grows weekly by approximately 22G a week.

We intend retain and make this data available as long as we believe it's useful in planing the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The data is stored in the Azure region East US 2.

Quick start

Accessing the data

The data is hosted on Microsoft Azure through their AI for Earth initiative. You can access the data in many ways, such as:

Point and click

Open the index file in your browser. You will see a list of links to datafiles which you can download by clicking on them in your browser.

Azure Blob libraries

There is a range of libraries in a range of languages for working with Azure Blobs. See the Azure Blob documentation for more info.

Automated downloading with AZCopy

There are lots of files, so we suggest installing azcopy command line tool, which you can download here. This lets you download whole directories or multiple files using wildcards to your computer of choice.

For example:
1. Download the file to the current directory:

azcopy cp "" .

  1. Download the contents of /metoffice_ukv_daily/snow_mean/ to ukv_daily_snow_mean/:

azcopy cp "*" ukv_daily_snow_mean/

  1. Download all the US state county averaged meteorology data which match the pattern us_55*.csv:

azcopy cp "" . --recursive --include-pattern "us_55*.csv"

How the data is organised

*Where possible, filenames are as described. However, given the short timeframes in which this data has been made available, minor variations in filename descriptions may occur. Filenames should still be accurately descriptive of the data. If you find issues with any filenames, or the data itself, please contact us on

Getting help and contact

For help or additional data requests please contact us on